7 Must-Have Tools to Become a Creative Content Writer

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Interesting Literature

By Veronica May

Supplying creative content is the key to being a successful writer. It does not matter if you are only a part time freelancer, or a full time writer, your content is crucial. With that being said, always providing creative content can be frustrating depending of the project. There are going to be times when you feel stuck, or not at all enthusiastic about your subject matter. Fortunately, the 7 tools listed below can help you keep your content creative, fresh, and exciting.

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Interesting Facts about the Cinderella Fairy Tale

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Interesting Literature

Fun and surprising trivia about the classic fairy tale of Cinderella and its literary development

‘Cinderella’ is, of course, a classic fairy story, a ‘rags to riches’ tale about a kind-hearted girl who suffers various hardships only to marry the prince of the kingdom. Why is Cinderella called Cinderella? Since she is shunned by the rest of her family (especially the stepsisters), the poor girl sits among the ashes in the chimney corner – hence her cindery name. The ‘rags to riches’ transformation comes about when Cinders, who wishes to attend the royal ball, has her wish granted and subsequently meets the prince. Although she has to flee the ball and return home – losing one of her slippers in the process – the prince searches for and finds her, thanks to what is perhaps the most romantic shoe-fitting in all of literature. So far, so familiar.

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A Completion, and a Milestone

I adore the stars. They are so beautiful! I love the mixture of sketching and nature!:)

I’ve made two achievements of sorts lately.

The first is that this blog hit 12,000 followers (pops party poppers, sprinkles the cat with confetti and streamers)! That’s pretty cool, I think. I don’t know how many of you out there actually look at the things I post, but I know that some of you do, and I am eternally grateful whenever any of you chime in and let me know you’re taking a peek. Thank you.

The second achievement is the completion of the zodiac series! I started these ink paintings at the end of January, hoping to hold myself to finishing a collection of something. And I did! Here are all of the paintings:

scorpio_small ScorpioSagittarius


Capricorn Capricorn

Aquarius Aquarius

pisces_small Pisces

Aries Aries

Taurus Taurus

Gemini Gemini

Cancer Cancer

Leo Leo

Virgo Virgo

Libra Libra

I’m not sure what I’ll paint next, but I hope you’re all along for the ride!

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Hello world!

Hello there, I wanted to create a blog where everyone could share pictures, laughs, serious conversations, and anything else!:) I love lots of topics and so this blog is whatever you want it to be. If you want me to add something just put up a comment and i’ll add it if I can! 🙂 Naomi7 My favorite thing to do is listen to music and taking pictures, so you’ll see a lot of that from me! 🙂 Happy blogging!